Pressed for Time?   Wrap and Go!

Your Fast-Paced lifestyle requires you to be constantly on the go.  When birthdays, holidays and other gift-giving occasions catch you rushing, to purchase and wrap a gift with hardly a moment to spare, Wrap & Go can ease your mind and make your gift presentation a snap.

An all-in-one gift wrapping solution, Wrap & Go is a sheet of wrapping paper with adhesive strips, designed in several sizes, to make gift presentation easier and more economical.


It's simple and fun!

Airports and hospitals are just two of the many places we find ourselves rushing to purchase and prepare a last minute gift for presentation.  With the hectic pace we all share in today's jet-set society, Wrap & Go reduces to one simple step what used to be  a time  intensive process requiring multiple tools, materials and skills. And what's more, it's a fun way to prepare your presents.

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